Sunday, January 15, 2012

Hurray! I did it!

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What did I do?

I opened my Etsy stop!


Phew... I am able to breath only now. It feels as though I had been holding my breath all this while.
I had planned to open a shop long ago, but it took me a while to decide between Artfire and Etsy.
I was proceeding at a snail's pace and on top of that other things came up and some how the whole process kept dragging.

On top of it mood swings! One moment I will be all charged up and motivated and the next moment I will develop a terribly cold feet. You know, I wanted to announce the shop during my blogiversary, but couldn't. I would have told you all earlier, but I wasn't certain myself. With my confidence level I would have backed out any time.

Anyway, after dragging for quite some time I finally told myself, "you either do it now or don't bother at all."
So I sat the whole day and figured out how to set a shop, listed the few items that I had made and...
Voila! I am a shop owner now!

How nice that sounds.

I named by shop "From Hobbyhopper's Home." I didn't want the Lazy there. It didn't sound appropriate for a shop :))) There is lot more to be done in the shop, but I am really exhausted now. I will take care of the rest later.

Etsy is a huge place and I know there are hundreds and thousands of sellers out there. This fact dosen't help my morale in any way and it only sinks my confidence level further. Anyway I can't chicken out now. So let's always believe in the best.

I have only a few items now. I will be adding more.
Okay, meet you all later. I am going to sleep. Good night!


  1. Congratulations! Heading over there right now! xxx

  2. Don't question yourself. You are very creative and do great work. Follow your heart and you can't go wrong. Wishing you much success! Tammy

  3. Congrats and good luck !
    Have a nice week.

  4. Congrats Pradeepa.I looked at your shop and it looks lovely!.Wish you all the very best!:)

  5. Super huge congrats on your new 'store'.

    How lovely for you and truly wonderful for us to be able to enjoy & purchase your creativity!

    A big step -- but one that will be seeped in fulfillment for you!

  6. Congratulations on the opening of your e-shop, and many blessing in your enterprise. But above all, enjoy every step of the way.
    My best wishes to you,
    Ana BC

  7. Awesomeness....many many congratulations and all the best :)

  8. Hola. Te felicito y te deseo mucha suerte.
    Un saludo.

  9. Owh. Its so nice. Congratulations my dear. ;)

  10. Good for you opening your etsy shop. My sister is opening one and I am contributing but only a little bit. I bet you will be a huge hit.

  11. Congrats on the Grand Opening of your Etsy shop. Best of luck!!

  12. Enhorabuena! es cierto que cuando estás a las puertas de un proyecto y compromiso como el de abrir una tienda (aunque sea virtual) te asaltan las dudas, y piensas que no serás capaz de llevarlo adelante, pero en poco tiempo comprobarás que no es tan fiero el león como lo pintan.
    La tienda te ha quedado muy bien, bonitas fotos de cosas bonitas.
    Mucha suerte!

  13. Congrat pradeepa... I looked your etsy shop and it's lovely ^^.
    Hope the best for you..

  14. Congrats Pradeepa!!!!
    Your collection is awesome!!!

  15. Congratulations! I´m sure you´ll have a lot of success!!

  16. Congratulations! I can't wait to pop in to see what you've been creating! Best Wishes for a successful Etsy future!

  17. Great news, I have added the shop to my favourites

  18. Congratulations! your shop looks fantastic!

  19. Congrats dear.... Best of luck... I am sure.. It is going to be a superhit..

  20. Thank you for your visit and comments in one of my blogs (Pompas pompitas) this one is the secundary, more like a shop than a blog.
    If you want to follow me the principal is
    Until tomorroy I am offering a giveaway (I'll send the gift everywhere in the world ;))
    Best regards!

  21. I love your etsy shop! It's my new Fav!

  22. Congratulations, are the sales? :)

  23. Congratulations! I too had an Etsy shop long ago to sell bags and purses I made. I had to shut it down as life got busy.. someday, I'll run my own shop too. Good luck with your store! :-)

  24. I really wish you the best of luck on your shop. You may inspire me yet. I feel the same way that you do - So unsure that I will not be able to maintain a shop. It really is something I want to do. Good for you, you did it!!!

  25. I've just found your site....what a delight! Having only recently come back to crochet - after over 30 years of ignoring it - I'm starving for 'new' patterns and motifs. I spent much time working on Christmas gifts - which was such fun and am now working on potholders, a wreath and several other projects....I really want to try doing a sweater - advancing my 'technique' from beginner/novice - but somehow keep putting it off.

    Thank you so much for your delightful site...I look forward to more and will definitely check out your Etsy Shop!
    Best of luck to you...keep on hookin'!


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