Monday, January 9, 2012


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Oh's almost 10 days into 2012 and not a single post! Lazy me? Of course not.

I have been working so much lately, but I am not complaining. I am enjoying it. But I am neglecting my house work entirely. Not complaining, again. That is one department that I don't enjoy.

Also, I have been neglecting my blog. Usually I always visit my new followers' blogs
(if they have one) and I leave comments to let them know that I have been there (sometimes I might have missed some), but lately I haven't visited any of your blogs. So all my new followers, please forgive me. It's not that I am not interested in any of you. I sure love to know more about you. I will sure try to catch up with you. I am really happy that you are all here.

Anyway, I completed the hat that I showed you. Actually I completed it long back but could only photograph it today. I also made one for my husband and a scarf for my son. 

Okay, that's it for now.

Thanks everyone for the sweet comments you left here wishing me for the New Year and the blogiversary.


  1. There you are!! Happy 2012 to you too! It's great that you're enjoying work. Love the hat that you made.

  2. Happy new year he he, and the hat is awesome, i love the colours you have used too!

  3. Great hat, beautiful rose...
    Have a nice week...not so busy...

  4. I love the color combination of green and purple you used for the hat. And the pom-pom is so cute. Have a lovely 2012!

  5. The New Year has come and gone so quickly hasn't it? Love the hat and glad you are back posting.

  6. Welcome to 2012! A lot of people are getting a slow start this year...not to worry. We know you will wake up soon. ;)

    Love your pretty green hat.

  7. Super, die Mütze.
    Alles Liebe, für 2012!

  8. Wish you a great year ahead! and lovely cap! perfect for the season!

  9. Such perfect colors paired together -- the eggplant & vibrant pine colors are rich & so lovely!

    The happiest of greetings in your new year...

  10. Hola. Feliz año y que verde tan bonito el del sombrero.
    Un saludo.

  11. wow ths s lovely...thinkg of my lil one...sooo cute

  12. Your photography is amazing as usual and the cap is lovely. Just wanted to alert you to a very cute crocheted Valentine on You must check it out. *smile*
    I'm just a card maker but I appreciate crochet as I tried it several times.

  13. As usual your pics are amazing pradeepa.. the cap luks very pretty.. luv the colour combo as well.WISH YOU A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR.

  14. Very cute.. I love the colour combo...

  15. Lovely project!

    Thank-you so much for taking the time to share at our Pin'Inspiration party this week. I really hope that you can take part in my "Beat the Winter Blues" party on Saturday. :-)


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