Friday, January 20, 2012

Brrr...It's so cold...

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The above pic was taken at 7:45 today morning. It was around 4 degrees. I went to the terrace just to take some fog photos. If I had gone with my husband for the early morning walk I would have gotten some really nice fog shots, but the thought itself makes me shiver. It's been so cold here for the past 3-4 days.

My poor kid. His school van comes by 6:30 in the morning and you can imagine how cold and dark it would be then. I wish he had his winter break for a few more days. 

I am on a hat-making spree nowadays. I made one more for my kid. So far I have made 4 in total.

The yarn is some kind of a fancy yarn, but it is so soft and fluffy.

Nowadays I am not getting as much time as I would love for crocheting and blogging. The part-time job that I was doing is now almost full-time. So I am not left with much time for other things. I may not be able to post frequently but I will try to. Thanks everyone for your wishes and all the comments that you leave here.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Wow. We don't have winter here, in Malaysia. It must be interesting to wear our handmade sweaters there.


  2. Its pretty foggy at 7:45 am.. Well here down south in Bangalore we have cold mornings and nights however the afternoons are bright and sunny. Enjoy the winters..and Yeah happy weekend.

  3. Beautiful pictures with this fog... the hat is lovely...
    Have a nice week-end...

  4. It sure is cold where you live. When we first moved to Germany, the cold simply made me cry. My kids had to leave to school every morning(walking) in min temp of -15!!! This is our third year and now, we are used to it!!!
    I adore your crocheted work. I finally made a winter hat and it does not fit my son...:-( How do we decide how wide it should be?

  5. I grew up in the southern united states so definitely am not used to cold weather. Good thing I live in a desert country now. We don't get fog often, just dust. They say a storm is coming, but the weather was still nice today. Getting up in the morning for school while it is still dark is hard enough. Even harder when the weather is dreary. Wishing you all the best! Stay safe and warm. Tammy

  6. Anytime you can post we will be here. Happy Friday.

  7. I know only too well how a job can steal away those precious moments you have reserved for crochet.....

    And please, send some of that cold weather our way. We have not had winter yet & love the snow so much!

    Your hat is gorgeous, too!

  8. Hello Pradeepa its a pleasure to be in your wonderful space.. the fog photographs are out of the world.. have you participated in any photography contests? if not you should ok? :).. ya i can imagine how difficult it is to wake the children up in the morning during winter and send them off to school.. i have been thru this till a few years ago.. used to pity them a lot when they snuggle more and more into their blankets when i try to wake them up:).. we are all here Pradeepa.. so take your own time for new posts.. that cap luks soo fluffy and dainty.nice colour too:)

  9. I really enjoy your blog. I gave you an award.


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