Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Glass Painting

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Glass painting of a Rajasthani dancing girl.

Here is the pencil sketch if it could be of any use.

Some more glass paintings


  1. loved the way u gave details to skirt of Lady. Do you have patterns for the others too?

  2. Hi Ninu,

    Thanks. I don't have the pattern for the second one coz the idea was taken from a saree pallu, but for the last one, will check. I did it a lot time ago. If I have I will definitely post it.

  3. Hi awe sum work plz tell me which mirror u used for the second one , is this looking mirror? BT why its fade? Thanking in advance

    1. All of them are plain glasses, not looking mirrors. I painted silver for the background in the second painting.

  4. hello pradeepa,
    your blog is really nice.. beautiful work you have done here... loved rajasthani girl paintinng...doing aomething similar for my house...can u tell me how u made jewellery ? how you did detailing in the lehengw? what kind of colours u used or u did it with the outliner(white)..please share the details..thanks

  5. Hi Manu,

    I used fabric paint and the jewels were painted using metallic gold fabric colour. The painting was done on the wrong side of the glass. I first copied the picture using technical pen/glass marker. While applying paint for the skirt, for example, I did the dots first using red, then I applied the orange on top of it.


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