Sunday, January 23, 2011

M-seal work in penholder

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Working with M-seal is one of my favorites.  It is easily available in any hardware store.  I love to make miniatures.  This time I used it to convert an empty plastic container into a beautiful penholder.

Working with M-Seal
You can get M-seal in a hardware store. It is used for sealing stuff like leaking pipes, etc.


It has two components.  You have to take equal quantities of both and mix them thoroughly.  It will have a doughy consistency. .

Remember to apply some oil in your hands before handling it because it tends to stick. White M-seal is also available but I haven't tried it. I think that would be a better option.

Once you have mixed thoroughly you can start molding into shapes. You have to use the douth immediately because it starts drying up after a few minutes. Let it dry, preferably overnight, and paint.

I used acrylic paint.  But first I gave a coating of blue enamel paint, which I had at home, because the letters in the container were visible over the acrylic paint.  Then I used acrylic paint to paint the plants and fish.  Finally I gave a coating of varnish to provide some gloss.  


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