Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Yummy Fridge Magnets

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I love fridge magnets and those were the first things I attempted using my first pack of M-seal. I really loved these yummy goodies, but sadly the only thing I am left with now is the toast and the cupcake without the cherry in it. The rest all is broken (by my son, of course). I made these actually about a year ago. Lukily I had photographed them.

If you are wondering what the long one is, it is paneer tikka with pieces of green pepper and tomatoes in between.


  1. very cool idea..looks so nice n yum

  2. Hi Ninu,

    Thanks for following me. You are the first person to comment on my blog. You must be knowing how much it means to me. Thanks a lot.

  3. ok, am placing an order for a dozen fridge magnets right now. need 'em by the time i visit u next :)

  4. these are simply awesome !!

  5. Thanks Kanika for visiting and the comment. Please do visit again.

  6. sooo yummy..I loved the toast n burger...


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