Monday, January 17, 2011

Travel: Bihar- II

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Venuvana – Forest of Bamboos

Gifted to Lord Buddha by King Bimbisara. It has a Japanese shrine with a monastry for Lord Buddha to reside.


It is a Jain ashram. It has a hospital which provides free medical treatment.

It is a holy place for Jains as Lord Mahavir, founder of Jainism, attained salvation here.


A marble jain temple built in the middle of a pond.

Bodh Gaya

Bodh Gaya is the place where Lord Buddha attained enlightenment.

Mahabodhi Temple

The pipal tree under which Lord Buddha attained enlightenment is behind this temple.

The Pipal Tree

There are seveal Buddhist shrines around the main temple but we could see just a few of them because of lack of time.

Wat Thai Temple

Tibetan Temple

The Giant 80 ft Buddha Statue


The lion pillar was built by King Ashoka.  It is here that Buddha preached his last sermon.  A portion of Buddha’s ashes were excavated from the Stupa here.  It is also a pilgrimage destination for Jains as Lord Mahavir was born here.

Bihar, indeed, was a surprise. It has such great places to see but transportation is a big issue. Unless you have your own vehicle or have made arrangements for one, getting around Bihar is extremely difficult.

Some of the unusual means of transportation we had to rely on to get us around.

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