Thursday, July 2, 2020

Stash busting and missing

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I finished the scrap yarn hexagon blanket that I started ages ago. I used the hexagon pattern from here and gave it a simple border using hdc stitches worked into the back loops. I love the way it turned out. 
I used all sorts of yarn in this. Some were fingering weight and some heavy worsted weight, but mostly DK weight.

Though I managed to use up hundreds of tiny leftover balls of yarn I still had a lot more, so I started another stash buster and it is almost complete. Images in another post but just a sneak peek here...
I noticed only today that my last post was exactly two months ago. I have been neglecting my blog and Instagram lately but I do have a reason for it. We have moved house again, this time to our own. On top of that my computer broke down, actually the computer broke down even before we moved, so I have been using a laptop and it took me forever to get used to it. I'm still not able to type fast on a laptop as I used to using a desktop. So now that I have somewhat settled in my new routine I hope to blog more frequently.

Though I'm happy to have moved out of our previous home (I felt that house was bad luck for me), I do miss a few things.

I miss the greenery there. There were many huge trees close to our house and it was very relaxing to watch the birds and squirrels that lived there. Here there are only houses, people and vehicles. I miss those birds and squirrels who were not only bold enough to venture inside our house but also felt safe enough to build a nest. Unfortunately we moved out before the squirrel babies came.
We also had an open courtyard, so it was free entry for pigeons. Sometimes they were fun to watch and sometimes they annoyed us by pooping everywhere. 
I really don't know how many eggs were laid and how many chicks were hatched there. There was always a pair rearing a baby or two. 
Finally it was heartbreaking to say goodbye to these two sweet doggos. They live on the streets and befriended us. Almost everyday they came to visit us. If the front door was closed they'll bang on the door to be let in. 
Black was a sweet girl, shy and timid, at the same time very alert and watchful.  Brown was very playful and naughty and a heavy sleeper. Once he lays his head down to sleep nothing will bother him, not food, not stranger, not even an earthquake. From the look of those two sitting together in the last image you might think that they are best buddies, but no, they are enemies who can't stand one another. They used to be okay with each other initially but the black started feeling jealous when Brownie too started to visit us regularly. (Initially it was only Blacky). So she refused to let him in while she was in the house. This led to a fight between both of them and from then on Blacky will not enter the house if Brownie was inside. Blacky had such an attitude. 

I hope these babies make new friends and live peacefully. We cannot have pets for various reasons, otherwise I would happily bring them both home. I miss them a lot.


  1. Oh, that's too bad you had to leave the green and all the wildlife and those two pups. I'm sure they miss you. I always have intentions to blog more regularly but then it doesn't happen. Both your crochet projects are really lovely. Take care.

  2. Your stashbusting blanket is lovely, it's so satisfying to use up all those bits of yarn isn't it, I can't wait to see the other one when it's completely done. It's hard to keep up the blogging momentum I was missing for a whole year , life does get in the way. Congratulations on your new home, I hope you will be happy there, it must have been heart breaking to leave the wildlife behind. I miss my garden from my previous home but try not to think about it and just try to appreciate what I have now. Have a great weekend. Xx

    1. Thank you, Linda. The wildlife was just a bunch of trees in an empty plot next to ours, but look like a forest out there when you opened the windows :)


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