Monday, April 24, 2017

My first knit scarf

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Hey everybody, popping in to say hello after a long time. Life got little busy with 2 birthdays and working on a new project. Anyhow I managed to finish my first knit scarf that I mentioned here. I had bought only 2 hanks of the thick and thin yarn and was unsure if it would be enough to make the scarf but luckily it was more than enough and I have a small ball leftover.

I really enjoyed making the scarf but even after blocking it the edges curl inwards and I don't know if it is because of the yarn or if blocking was not done right. I'm not going to block it again. I'll put it away for now. 

For my son's birthday earlier this month I made an ombre cake. It was a chocolate, coffee and vanilla layer cake with ombre frosting. I have a recipe journal where I try to keep a record of all the new recipes that I try. 

It's so much fun and I'm loving it. You too can try this method to keep a track on your kitchen adventures.  

Have a great day! 


  1. Lovely first scarf !!!
    Love your drawings !
    Have a nice week !

  2. What a wonderful idea about a recipe journal!! I've never seen this idea before, but I love it!! It will be a wonderful gift to pass on to your children when they marry. This recipe journal is also a great idea for kids who are learning to cook. They would love this, too. Thanks so much!!

  3. Beautiful yarn for your scarf. It appears that you do not have a border on either side of your scarf. All stockinette stitch will curl both on the ends and on the sides if it is not bordered with something like plain Garter stitch, Seed stitch or English Moss stitch.
    Interesting recipe journal also.

  4. That's always the problem with knitting; it curls. The solution of the previous comment is the right one, but that means you'll have to start over again...
    Anyhow, it doesn't look bad this way and I love the colour!
    Have a nice day, Sigrid

  5. I never block anything. I figure not everything is meant to lay flat. And if you are wearing it around your neck, doesn't really matter. I started a recipe journal like yours and then it just turned into a book where I quickly jot stuff down rather than making it nice and pretty. Seems all my journals projects go that route. :/

  6. Even if the edges are curling in, your scarf is still very nice.
    And I just love the idea of a recipe journal. Your drawings are so pretty.

  7. Lovely scarf!! I have no idea about curling in knitting. Maybe you can try a knitted or crochet border.
    Your graphic recipe book is very nice :)

  8. What a great idea I love your recipe journal, your scarf is lovely and unfortunately this stitch will always curl no matter how much you block it, but it doesn't matter in the least it still looks great and curling knitting is the in thing now. :) x

  9. I love that recipe!! I showed it to my daughter too, in the hope that she'll get inspired to do something like that :)

  10. I showed it to my daughter too, in the hope that she'll get inspired to do something like that .



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