Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Stripy and Frankie saying hi

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How nice it is to be present again in one of my favourite places on Earth! I took a long break indeed. However, part of this nearly two-month break was unintended. My internet connection went Kaput at the very beginning of this year and it had taken those guys this long to rectify it. However, this long break from the net world gave me enough time to turn my attention towards a few tasks that I had been neglecting. One of them is organizing and decluttering my house. No, I can't say it is completely organized now but at least I made an attempt. I have made considerable progress with my scarp yarn rug that I talked about here. I will show it to you in another post.  

Also, meet these two new cuties basking in the winter sun. Aren't they adorable? I re-discovered my love for amigurumies. So you can expect to see more of them here soon. The pattern for the stripy giraffe is from here and the Frankie from here.

I hope the new year is rocking for you. Two years ago on the same day and around the same time I opened my Etsy shop. I was expecting to make a few sales, enough to spend on yarns without guilt but it has become more than that. I can't believe I have come this far. I hope this year as well as the coming years will be good for me and you. Bye! 


  1. Welcome back! I understand Internet issues; we've been having problems with ours, too. Your new friends are adorable! Happy anniversary for your Etsy store :-)

  2. Welcome back, Pradeepa !! Your amigurumis look cute and colorful :) I am still waiting to make one and show it off as my first amigurumi !! but joining small parts is a big task for me. Congrats on your shop anniversary !! I haven't yet made up my mind to turn my hobby into business. I feel it will become more of work than interest for me. Maybe someday I might change my mind :) Wish you good luck for sales this year and coming years too !!

  3. Welcome back ! Your little friends are lovely and funny !
    Have fun !

  4. Welcome back, your two little friends are adorable.

  5. They are very cute indeed!! Glad you're back :)

  6. These striped ones are very cute! Am more into knitting at the moment (but it's crocheting when I need to make a baby blanket - so much faster than knitting!)


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