Wednesday, July 27, 2011

simple Pleasures

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Yesteday the weather was okay, actually it had rained heavily in some parts of the city but not ours. For over the past one week I hadn't been keeping well with cold and fever and generally feeling lousy. So yesterday when I started feeling better I thought I would take my son to the park. He could practice on his skating and I could use some fresh air.

When I had gone to the park around ten days back there were plenty of flowers and I missed taking the camera along. Keeping that in mind this time I took the camera with me and thought I might do some macro shots. But I was very disappointed. There were hardly any flowers and even those one or two that were there had started to wither. Then I started chasing bugs, at least I could take some macro of those bugs. But again no luck. Those bugs wouldn't stand still and I started feeling silly chasing them around. So gave up on that too. Finally took some pics of Harshu skating and turned back home.

Flower for mamma, sweet isn't it?

 On the way home I picked these tiny flowers so that I could make some tiny arrangement.

Ok, my idea wasn't to make such a lengthy post but I got carried away.

Have a nice day.


  1. nice to see your son in action and what a sweet gift for mom :)
    that flower arrangement is lovely too

  2. hmmmm skates .. I need a pair.. I wanna skate... :) Lovely pictures


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