Wednesday, April 6, 2011

School Bus Amigurumi

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My second attempt at making amigurumi has turned out pretty well. My son is crazy about vehicles. He is especially obsessed about trucks. When I started making the teddy he was not at all happy. He wanted me to do a truck for him. So I searched the internet but didn't find any pattern for trucks. Then I found this pattern for the school bus and decided to give it a try. You can click here for the pattern.

I used styrofoam for stuffing.

I started this quite some time back but did the stuffing and final sewing only two days ago as I wanted to give this to him on his birthday. So yesterday on his birthday I gave it to him. He was quite happy. He played with it, photographed it and, of course, made it so dirty that within a single day it has turned several shades darker.

And here is the huge mess of a cake that I made yesterday for his birthday, shaped like a van.

Definitely not a masterpiece but considering that it was my first attempt to bake and ice such a huge cake, I think it is OK. Blushing Smiley


  1. Sooo cute :-) I have to make one for my son

  2. Aaaaw lovely!! Thanks for joining Link Your Stuff. I hope you come back next week to join again. Have a very nice Easter!
    Best wishes,


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