Sunday, April 3, 2011

Cutely Colorful

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Day after tomorrow is my son Harshu's birthday. Yesterday we went shopping to buy chocolates and other stuff to distribute in his class. We saw these duckies in a shop and I instantly fell in love with them. These cuties are actually pencil sharpners. I could't resist myself from clicking pictures and once I started I couldn't stop myself and went on and on. I took lots and lots of pictures. I am sharing with you just a few.

Waiting to be taken home.

These are pencils.

Have a nice weekend.


  1. cute pics.. I also love taking pics..

  2. hello pradeepa, thank you very much for your lovely comment in my blog.. your duckies remind me of a few ducklings i have done in cross stitch.. pls have a look at the link.

    i just had a look at a few of your creations in crochet..they all look great ..congrats pradeepa:)..and the duckies look really cute..
    A very happy b'day to your son!


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