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Slanted lines leg warmers - free pattern

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This is an adult sized leg warmer that reaches up to the knees. It's so cozy and an absolute must if you live in the extremely cold regions. I have written the pattern according to my size but you can make adjustments to suit you. 


How to increase or decrease the circumference to fit your legs

Measure your calf circumference and make the circumference of your legwarmers 3 or 4 inches smaller than your actual calf circumference. Note that your legwarmers will stretch more and more with repeated use. The initial chains will need to be in multiples of 3. 

To increase the length of your legwarmers

The legwarmer is made to reach up to the knees, if you want it to go above your knees measure your thigh circumference and make chains accordingly. 

Materials Required

Medium worsted weight yarn approximately 340 meters

Crochet hooks G/4 mm and H/5 mm

Yarn needle


The finished legwarmer has a circumference of 28 cm (11 inches) and a length of 40 cm (15.75 inches)


Using 5 mm crochet hook 13 dc = 4 inches

Stitches/abbreviations Used

** - Repeat instructions within asterisks as many times as directed

[ ] - work instructions within parenthesis as a set as many times as directed

ch - chain

st/sts - stitch/stitches

sl st - slip stitch

dc - double crochet 

fpdc - front post double crochet

bpdc - back post double crochet


Make 2

Using G/4 mm hook, ch 42, join the last ch with a sl st to the 1st ch to form a ring being careful not to twist the ring.

Round 1: Ch 3, (counts as the 1st st), dc in every ch around. Join with a sl st to the 1st st. (42 sts)

Rounds 2 to 5: Ch 1, repeat [fpdc in next st, bpdc in next st] around. Join with a sl st to the 1st st.

Round 6: Change to H/5 mm crochet hook and ch 3 (counts as 1st st), dc in every st around. Join with a sl st to the 3rd ch (42 sts)

Round 7: Ch 3 (counts as 1st st), dc in next st, dc in the st before the starting ch-3, (forms a slant), **skip next st, dc in next 2 sts, dc in the skipped st** Repeat from ** to ** around. Join with a sl st to the 1st st. (42 sts)

Repeat round 7 until the total height is approximately 35 cm.

Next round: Ch 3 (counts as 1st dc), dc in each st around. Join with a sl st to the 1st st (42 sts)

Repeat round 2 four times.

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  1. This guide on yarn choice for leg warmers is spot on. It’s important to consider both warmth and style for the perfect pair. #KnittingGuide


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