Sunday, September 12, 2021

Crochet cluster V stitch pattern - video tutorial

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Hi, the cluster V stitch pattern is my latest video tutorial. I'm in love with this stitch. It's so easy and looks so beautiful. I really want to make something using this pattern but I haven't decided what, may be a blanket in multiple colors. It would be fun to make. 

To make this stitch, make chains in multiples of 3 + 1.

Row 1: (cluster, ch 1, cluster) in the 5th ch from hook (the skipped chains will count as a dc and ch 1), **skip 2 ch, (cluster, ch 1, cluster) in next ch** Repeat from ** to ** across until you have 2 ch left, skip next ch, dc in last ch. Turn.

If you are using a new color, pull the new color through the loop of the last st before turning. Tighten the loop and start working using the new color. Cut off the previous color.

Row 2: Ch 3, (cluster, ch 1, cluster) in each ch-1 space across, dc in last st. Turn.

Repeat row 2 until you reach your desired height.   

The cluster stitch here is worked slightly differently. 

Cluster - (Yarn over, insert hook into chain and pull yarn) 3 times, yarn over and pull through 6 loops on hook, yarn over and pull through the remaining 2 loops 


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