Thursday, April 23, 2020

Crochet flowers - new patterns

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Because of the lockdown I'm not able to buy any yarn, so I'm making use of the limited choice of yarns that I have to design small things. I designed a few flowers and listed them in my shops. I even have a free pattern for you of a lovely, delicate flower and leaf in my last post. If you haven't seen it click here. Like me I guess many of you also wouldn't have been able to buy any new yarns, So I hope these patterns would be of use to you with your limited supply of yarn at hand. Also, I'm running a 30% discount sale in my Etsy shop until the end of this month. I hope you'll all enjoy your quarantine time with lots and lots of crocheting! Stay safe and stay crocheting!


  1. All your flowers are beautiful and so colorful !!!
    Have a nice weekend !

  2. Your flowers are so beautiful and just what we need to see right now. Stay safe.

  3. The flowers are so pretty Pradeepa. Stay safe :)


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