Thursday, October 24, 2019

Cassidy cardigan - new crochet pattern

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I have been away from my computer, or rather forced to be away, as my computer crashed again! I really can't understand why this keeps happening every few months. Thankfully, my son recovered all my data. Otherwise I would have ended up losing everything again as it happened almost a year ago. Now my son has let me share his computer with him, so I have only a limited computer time. Anyway this has left me with plenty of time to crochet and work on my dollhouse. If you remember I had mentioned earlier that I was working on a dollhouse. This was when I had taken a short break from crocheting but now that crocheting has taken the front seat the house became neglected and began to resemble an abandoned property with dust covering all surfaces and construction materials strewn around everywhere. I cleaned everything and I'm working on the 2nd floor now.  I'm also working on two baby blankets and a pullover. 

This cardigan is my recent finish. It's an easy pattern and the cardigan looks wonderful but the color doesn't photograph well. I tried many times and still I'm not satisfied with the outcome. A friend has borrowed my camera for a few days and I am using my mobile phone to photograph and the quality sucks. Once I get my camera back I think I'll take new photos and upload them again, for now these would do.  

This cardigan is worked from top down. I have written this pattern for 4 adult sizes. Yarn used is light worsted weight or DK yarn and hook size is D/3.25 mm. Only basic stitches are used and so would be suitable for an advanced beginner. The pattern is available in my Etsy, Ravelry and web store. 


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