Monday, March 11, 2019

Jaylin is the name!

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Thank you for your responses here, on facebook as well as on Instagram. Of the total 34 responses received 10 of you got it right. The majority of you had chosen Jayden. Congratulations Kaikelasa and Yvonne Dunmore for getting the answers right. If you provide me your email address I can send you the pattern. 

I have designed a pattern after a gap of almost 7 months. The last time I released a pattern was in August last year. Moving to a new house had changed my routine and I was forced to put off designing any new item. I was also distracted by my newfound obsession for dollhouses which I somehow managed to pull myself away from. No, I haven't entirely given up on dollhouses. I'm making one from scratch but the process is very time consuming and needs a lot of patience. I have to wait for some materials to arrive, wait for somethings to dry, just wait, wait and wait. During these waiting times I did manage to crochet a couple of garments for myself, not my own designs, but unfortunately they did not turn out as expected and so I had to frog them both. The cardigan turned into a pullover which I wore a lot during this winter and a pullover is becoming a cardigan which needs the sleeves to be completed. 

The Jaylin baby blanket is an easy pattern, suitable for a beginner. You don't need to refer to the pattern for each and every row, it can easily be remembered. I have also included instruction to customize the blanket. This blanket measures approximately 32 x 34 inches using DK weight yarn and a size G/4 mm hook. You can purchase the blanket from here, here or here.

The tatty bear that you see above can be purchased from here or here. My next pattern is going to be a free one and is getting ready. Have a great week ahead!


  1. Hi,
    I sent you a mail with my email address. Thank you very much for choosing my name. Looking forward to making the same. Sheela


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