Monday, February 4, 2019

Some progress and some losses

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Hi everybody, I hope you are all staying warm. I have been reading about the polar vortex in USA and watching all the crazy freezing mid-air videos and feeling thankful for having comparatively warmer weather here, but here too it has been unusually chilly for the past week or so. 
Two weeks ago we had hailstorm and these are the hail stones.
I frogged the cardigan that I showed you here. I was not happy with the way it turned out. It didn't look good on me. So I unravelled the whole thing and it has now become a simple raglan sleeved pullover which I'm wearing right now. The yarn is a bit scratchy but it does keep me warm although I made the sleeves a little shorter than intended. So I might have to lengthen them but that it for a later date. I'm done with it for now.
I have made some progress with the doll house. The living room is almost done and I'll be starting the kitchen soon.
This is the living room. I'm making everything from scratch. The house is made of cardboard. I used popsicle sticks for the floor. I'm using scrapbook paper for the walls and thin cardboard for the panels all glued to cardstocks. These will finally be glued to the cardboard. I made the staircase out of mdf sheets and giant reed canes. These are similar to bamboo. My husband and son brought these from a field nearby. 

For the brick fireplace and stone hearth I used egg cartons. I'm starting from the lower floor and will be working my way up. There will be an upper floor and attic. 

Speaking of my losses, I lost all my data. ALL except for a copy of my pdf patterns. I have this habit of saving everything in my external hard drive and keep nothing in my computer. I have had some bad experiences before where my computer crashed and I had to lose my data stored in the computer, so I always saved everything on an external hard drive. Though my husband insisted on retaining a copy in the computer as well I never did it and I also I didn't listen to my son who asked me to store everything online. Finally one day last week my external crashed and everything's gone, all my patterns, pattern photos, collection of ebooks, thousands of other stuff and above all almost 13 years' worth of photos! My husband says he'll give it to some expert and try to retrieve the data but I'm not sure. I can only hope. Even if everything is lost I hope we get back our personal photos atleast. I terribly regret not retaining a copy of everything elsewhere.

I showed you the baby pigeons in my last post. There were 3 babies, 2 outside the house on a window sill and one inside our house. Well, one of the 2 that were outside died yesterday. We used to watch them everyday as they grew up.

Few days ago we found one baby with an injured wing. The wound was bleeding and my husband brought him home and applied an antibiotic ointment and left him back in the nest. He was alright then, there was no more bleeding. A couple of days ago the other baby flew off and this one stayed in the nest. Even before the babies left the nest the mother had laid a couple of more eggs. I guess the mother pushed the baby out of the nest because we found him twice sitting on the stairs and put him back in the nest. 
On Saturday, my son found him outside our door and brought him in. He just walked around exploring the rooms and settled in one place. In the evening my husband put him back in the nest but within a couple of hours we found him again outside our door. So we brought him in and put him in a box beside our bed because we didn't want him to spend the cold night out in the stairs, but poor thing, we found him dead the next morning. Don't know what happened. May be we could have done something to save the poor thing. Feeling bad!  


  1. Lovely sweater ! Looks warm and comfy !
    Lovely little living room ! Love the wall paper !
    Poor little pigeon...
    Have a nice week !

  2. I'm so glad you are able to wear your sweater after all your hard work it looks lovely. That little room looks so real how clever. I feel your pain about your external hard drive the same thing happened to me, it's awful I plugged it in and it said this is corrupt and I couldn't retrieve a thing. I had saved everything from my previous computer onto there so much stuff just gone, all my photo's from special holidays never to be seen again. I did try a few places to try and retrieve the files but was unsuccessful I hope you have more luck. xx

    1. Thanks Linda. I'm trying so hard not to think about the lost photos. Sorry it happened to you too.

  3. Yep sometimes one must say enough on a frustrating project! Poor little pigeon! You did try though and he was safe that last night.

    1. Yes, the fact that he didn't die out alone in the cold does console me.

  4. Hi Pradeepa, it's good to see your post. I've never seen hailstones. Looks like little pearls. Your dollhouse looks so lovely! The floor made of popsicke sticks is absolutely gorgeous. I really hope you could recover all your lost data. Feel sorry for the little pigeon:( At least he was safe on the last night.


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