Friday, July 21, 2017

A quick Hi!

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Hi everybody! How are you all? I'm finally back from my rather long break and am slowly catching up on all the missed blog fun. I started 3 shawls while I was at my parents' place and I have completed two of them. I ran out of yarn for the 3rd one, so that will have to wait until I place my order and wait for it to arrive. In the meanwhile I started a tablecloth for my coffee table. I bought 2 cones of white thread at a cheap rate at the whole sale market here and I'm regretting not buying more. I am currently on my second cone and in the next one or two days I'll run out of that too. So the table cloth might also have to be put on hold until I visit the market again.

After much difficulty I added social media icons to my blog and also managed to bring back the blog list in my sidebar which had disappeared all of a sudden. So, that's all from me for now. I'll be visiting your blogs soon to see what's been happening there. Bye.


  1. Hi Pradeepa. Glad to see you back at blogging. Hope your vacation went well. The tablecloth is coming up so well. Can't wait to see the finished one. I'm also trying some new designs and changes to my blogger. Still in progress..

  2. Welcome back !
    Lovely tablecloth !
    Have a nice weekend !

  3. Wow.... great tablecloth in the making!

  4. Welcome back! that tablecloth is going to be amazing!


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