Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Learn a stitch pattern #1 - Textured ripple stitch

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Long time ago I mentioned about a scrap yarn project here and that I would share the pattern with you but though I had completed the blanket long ago I just couldn't bring myself to write the pattern due to my laziness and due to other commitments that required my immediate attention.  

Now I want to start a new section here to share some interesting stitch patterns which you can use to make shawls, blankets, cushions or whatever and thought that starting with my long overdue textured ripple stitch pattern would be the appropriate thing to do. 

Stitch Pattern #1
Textured Ripple Stitch
I have used 2 colours for the tutorial. 
This pattern is not a beginner pattern. 
It involves working around the posts like fpdc and bpdc stitches. 
The pattern is written in standard US terms.
There are basically 3 rows that make up this pattern - a normal dc row, fpdc row and bpdc row. 

ch - chain
chsp - chain space
dc - double crochet
dc2tog (dc decrease) - double crochet 2 consecutive stitches worked together 
fpdc - front post double crochet
bpdc - back post double crochet
bpdc2tog - back post double crochet 2 consecutive stitches worked together 

Start with making chains in multiples of 16 + 1.

Row 1: Dc in 3rd ch from hook and in next 6 ch, ch 2, **dc in next 7 ch, skip 2 ch, dc in next 7 ch, ch 2** Repeat from ** to ** across. Towards the end you will have 8 ch left, dc in next 6 ch, dc2tog. Turn.

Row 2 (dc row): Ch 2, dc in next 6 dc (ch 2 and the first dc together will count as dc2tog), [dc, ch 2, dc] in next chsp, **dc in next 6 dc, skip next 2 dc, dc in next 6 sts, [dc, ch 2, dc] in next chsp. Repeat from ** to ** across until the last peak, dc in next 5 dc, dc2tog. 

I have worked the next row in a new colour. Always join a new colour at the end of a row and the next row would be either fpdc row or bpdc row depending on whether row is going to be the wrong or the right side of the work. The 3rd row will be the right side or the front side of the work, so it is going to be a bpdc row.
At the end of row 2 pull new colour through the loop and tighten the loop.

Row 3 (bpdc row): Ch 2, bpdc in next 6 dc, [dc, ch 2, dc] in next chsp, **bpdc in next 6 dc, skip next 2 dc, bpdc in next 6 dc, [dc, ch 2, dc] in next chsp** Repeat from ** to ** across until the last peak, bpdc in next 5 dc, bpdc2tog. Turn. (ch 2 and the first bpdc together will count as bpdc2tog) 

Rows 4 and 5: Repeat the dc row.

Since the next row is the wrong/back side of the work it would be fpdc row. Join new colour at the end of row 5.
Row 6 (fpdc row): Ch 2, fpdc in next 6 dc, [dc, ch 2, dc] in next chsp, **fpdc in next 6 dc, skip next 2 dc, fpdc in next 6 dc, [dc, ch 2, dc] in next chsp** Repeat from ** to ** across until the last peak, fpdc in next 5 dc, fpdc2tog. Turn   

Then you can work as many rows of dc as you want followed by fpdc or bpdc row. Thus by varying the number of rows you work using each colour you can bring variation to the ripple pattern. 

I hope the tutorial was clear enough. I am planning to post one every week on Wednesdays. So you can expect one next Wednesday. 

Have a nice day!   


  1. Beauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutiful !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks for sharing !

  2. Thank you ever so much for this beautiful pattern. I'm still learning how to crochet, (been learning since 2015) and your pattern is really easy to learn to do.

  3. hello pradeepa...this is quite a distinctive, textured adds an extra element to the ripple pattern..thank you for taking the time to share this are a very generous crafter...thank you, again, pradeepa...take care...sally

  4. Lovely stitch pattern and lovely colors too!! Thanks for sharing!

  5. This is a lovely stitch. I might even try it because it's gat that "Something special" about it. Thank you for sharing the pattern!
    Have a nice weekend,

  6. Thanks for sharing this pattern it is lovely.

  7. Hi! I've just found your blog, and I love it! You've got a new follower! :)

  8. I am loving the colours so much ♥

  9. Thanks for sharing this wonderful pattern. Looking forward to your tutorials every wednesday:)

  10. This is lovely, thank you for sharing with the stash link party. :)

  11. So beautiful!
    Which yarn did you choose? xo


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