Wednesday, November 4, 2015

A cardigan for me

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I'm neither satisfied nor disappointed at my first attempt to crochet a clothing item for myself. This is the Filigree cardigan from Redheart and it looks fabulous on the model, but I'm not sure if it looks even half as good on me. It seems to be little big for me. The main reason why I chose to make this cardigan was to use up the pink yarn. I had plenty of this yarn left over from my previous projects. I used it to make the ruffles blanket, hooded cape, hexagon blanket and several other small projects but still I was left with plenty of it and when I saw the cardigan pattern in Pinterest I immediately decided that this was how I was going to use up the yarn. Though I'm not very pleased with the look it is warm and cozy to wear, so this winter it's going to be put into good use. 

Since I was working on the cardigan I didn't make much progress on the tapestry pillow cover. 

Baked a pumpkin cake today. Recipe from here. It was quite dense, I would have preferred a lighter cake. I think that recipes that use oil instead of butter always turn out denser. Anyway 3/4th of the cake is gone by now.

Have a great day!


  1. I think I know how you feel about your cardigan. I've made a red cardigan some time ago. A Drops pattern. I've got a love-hate relation with it. :-) A second cardigan I recently made turned out much better.
    Love your tapestry. I don't think your cake will last until tomorrow :-)))

  2. It's a beautiful cardigan. I like the big collar with shells design.

  3. Your cardigan is lovely and will keep you cosy in winter. I made pumpkin bread (more like a cake than bread) recently and was very happy with the recipe as it was light. I used butter instead of oil. I usually double the mixture and put a loaf away in the freezer. Here is the link if you are interest.

    Anne xx

  4. So so beautiful cardi !!!! And your tapestry is lovely ! I love it ! Have a great day too !

  5. I like your cardigan! I also hesitated long to crochet clothing, but at this very moment I'm wearing a cardigan made by me :-)
    It's so cosy and warm :-)
    Nice pictures too!
    Have a nice day, Sigrid

  6. Your cardigan is gorgeous !!!!!!!!!! The color and the pattern are perfect !
    Have a yummy day !

  7. Lovely cardigan! wish i could do something like this. The pumpkin cake looks yummy:)

  8. Oh that's a lovely cardigan. And your tapestry is lovely! I love the color and the pattern. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Beautiful Cardigan, Pradeepa!!:)
    Sometimes it happens that we aren't satisfied with our creation. What I feel is we see that thing for a long time while making. When I keep the finished item back and take that after a week or so, it looks more beautiful.
    Your tapestry pillow cover is looking fantastic !!:)


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