Saturday, October 4, 2014

Crochet and books

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One of my most favourite places in Delhi is the Darya Ganj Sunday Book Market. Darya Ganj is a part of old Delhi and is near the Red Fort. It's a weekly market held only on Sundays on the street pavements. You can find all sorts of books here, both old and new, at unbelievably low prices as low as Rupees 10 which is roughly 25 cents. 

I love books though nowadays I don't read as much as I used to. Crochet is taking up most of my time. Still we go there now and then when the weather is agreeable. I buy books only from here as I don't prefer spending too much on new ones. Since the books don't come with a fixed price you need good bargaining skills. Some sellers even offer discount sales like pick any for rupees 10, 20, or 50. If you are lucky you'll find some really good books in very good condition at these sales. 

Last Sunday my husband and I went there. When we started from home the weather was pleasant but when we reached there it became very hot. I wasn't able to stay there for more than half an hour. It was becoming unbearably hot and I was forced to turn back midway. Still I was able to lay my hands on 3 classics each for Rupees 50 (less than a dollar), a couple of books on flowers and nature, also for Rupees 50 each. One is Field Guide to Wild Flowers of Britain by Readers Digest and the other one is Nature Diary by Janet Marsh. I bought these two books just for their beautiful illustrations. For my car crazy son I bought a book on cars. Altogether for 6 books I paid Rupees 300 which is less than 5 dollars. 

The above two are from Wild Flowers of Britain by Readers Digest and the ones you see below are from Janet Marsh's Nature Diary.

Lot of crocheting also happened last week. I am working on a scarf right now. 

The textured ripple blanket is progressing very well.

Wish you all a very happy weekend!


  1. Your ripple blanket is growing beautiful.
    We have a Sunday book market here in Hyderabad too. I have been there many times but it is quite far from home and Sundays are very busy since last one year.

  2. hope you'll have a lovely week end too ! Your makes seems to be great and gorgeous ! Take care!

  3. Lovely ripple blanket ! And scarf !
    The books are great ! I love to read....
    Have a creative weekend !

  4. Oh my gosh that book stall! How on earth could you decide, there's just so much! Your scarf is really pretty, where is the pattern from ? I've just finished a scarf which is a Christmas present, looking for ideas for some more!

  5. There were so many books to choose from, glad you found the ones you wanted. The flower books are so beautiful and inspirational. Love your crochet. Have a great week,

  6. Your ripple blanket is beautiful and the scarf is lovely too...


  7. I love buying from book markets as i too don't like to spent too much money on new ones :) I rather miss book markets like this here and have to be content reading ebooks... you've got great books for low price. The blanket is coming along so well :)

  8. Oooh I want to go to the book market it looks amazing! Lovely crochet projects as always :)

  9. I share your love of books and crochet and I love books about crochet! When I am at work, my lunch break consists of me trying to read my kindle and crochet at the same time. I love the blanket and I especially love the scarf, is it your own design?

  10. Some seriously gorgeous crochet, and that book is a real find. So beautifully illustrated x

  11. Todas postagens são maravilhosas.


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