Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Scrap yarn rug

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Finally here it is! If you are a regular reader you might remember that long ago I started a project to recycle yarns from all my unwanted and never-going-to-be-finished projects. If you are new you can read about it here. The rug is about 35 inches wide and 80" long, weird measurement? yes.

I was hoping to get rid of all the tiny balls of yarns which I would never ever use  as well as a huge pile of unfinished and unwanted projects, but I am still left with the same amount of scraps (or more) that I had at the beginning, almost 2 buckets full. I think with the amount that I have I can make a dozen of these rugs.

The stitch that is used is called the moss stitch, a very easy stitch and an interesting one too. I never got bored, mainly because I was changing colors for every row and it was fun to watch a just-frogged item blend into colourful rows. Right from the beginning I knew I was not going to weave in the ends. Each and every row has 2 ends to weave in. It was impossible. I just cut long stripes of fabric and sewed them around the edges with the numerous loose ends tucked into the fabric. Easy!
  So now that I have another huge pile to be rid of I have already started my next project. This time it's going to be a ripple but with an interesting texture.

You can expect a pattern soon.


  1. Wow I love the rug! It's so colourful and looks like a great use for scraps! looking forward to the ripple pattern :)

  2. That's a very nice recycled rug. The ripple too is going to be as colorful as this one. You have got lot of patience to do this.

  3. Your rug is gorgeous! Original! iT's a good mix of color and I love it!
    Lucie du Québec (Canada)

  4. Brilliant idea! Love that you used linen titch for this colourful blanket, very nice.

  5. Your rug looks amazing and you are just so brilliant not weaving in the ends but making a fabric border to go around it.
    Love this idea and your new ripple.

  6. Beautiful finish project and beautiful new one !!!!
    Have a fun day !

  7. Scrap yarn rug looks beautiful and colorful! can't wait for your ripple pattern.. have a great day!

  8. I'm impressed !!! Jour work is fantastic and the result just great ! Have a Nice day

  9. Great idea... The rug looks amazing, waiting for the ripple pattern...


    1. Sabrina, your hats are all lovely. I'm glad to know that the pancakes came out well.

  10. Very nice,great idea!!
    Happy weekend,greetings.

  11. Hola, es una alfombra preciosa¡¡¡¡ y que cantidad de lanas acumuladas, a mí me pasa lo mismo y no se donde guardarlas. Me gusta mucho el nuevo proyecto de ondas.

  12. Hi I am new here! What a lovely blanket and what a clever idea with the ends! I also have bucketloads of left over yarn and this type of blanket is to yummy not to make... good autumn project! Anna

  13. Beaujtiful rug, a great idea to sew the binding on! Love the new project! have a wonderful weekend.

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