Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Pincushion - Tapestry crochet

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I had wanted to try tapestry crochet for a very long time but wasn't able to come up with a suitable project. I didn't want to try it on anything big like a cushion cover or a bag. I did make a case for my mobile phone sometime back but I wasn't pleased with the result. However, I lost the phone soon after that and there was no use for the cover.

Tapestry crochet was forgotten for some time until I suddenly realized that I didn't have a pincushion. So finally I got something to try my new technique on. After browsing through plenty of charts and patterns on pinterest I settled on a simple chevron pattern. 

Though the technique is not a difficult one I found it a bit cumbersome with the yarns getting tangled up. Anyway I am very pleased with the result.

This is how the pincushion looks at the back. Oh! I forgot to tell you, the blanket that you see in the photos is the one that I am working on currently. Hope I'll finish it soon. 


  1. your tapestry pin cushion came out really well, I would like to try this type of crochet one day. Im also loving the look of the blanket in progress the colours are all so pretty and feminine x

  2. Lovely pincushion!! Your blanket is looking beautiful.

  3. Oh what a lovely project. Nice to finish off something quick. Looking forward to seeing the blanket, it looks soooo nice.
    Wish you a perfect day.

  4. Hey Pradeepa... I am your newest follower...A lovely project....Its a quick make and that's the best part about it....


  5. I think this tapestry pattern is called Bargello...


  6. Pretty pincushion. Tapestry crochet is in my to do list. I am having a tutorial and should give a try.
    The blanket is also looking cute.

  7. I love it, it is bright and cheerful, you did a great job.

  8. Hi there! I found you while blog-hopping from Mereknits :)
    Your pincushion is really cute :) I've not tried this tapestry style of crochet, but I suspect its rather like intarsia knitting, and I know exactly what you mean about the mutliple yarns becoming cumbersome. And Pearly Queen is right, it is Bargello :)
    By the way I love the name of your blog. Lazy Hobby Hopper describes me perfectly LOL

  9. I have wondered about the ease of tapestry crochet (especially with what you said about the tangle-ness of the yarn) but you did beautiful work. And I must say, from what I can see of your blanket. it is exquisite!...can't wait to see it in its entirety!


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