Thursday, May 15, 2014

A bag and some flowers

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Here are some patterns that I created during my internet-free days. I still have more. I want to finish them and make them all available in my shop before I take another break. Yes, a long break! My kid's summer break starts from next week and we will be going to visit our parents by the end of this month. One whole month we'll be spending with them. I want to get as much work done as possible before leaving.
The flower pattern includes 7 flowers and 2 leaves. The patterns for the flowers and the bag are available in my Etsy shop.

Have fun and enjoy your day!


  1. A beautiful bag and beautiful flowers !!!!!

  2. My goodness you have been busy. The bag is really stylish, I love how you have made all those different flowers they are really cheerful. Hope these do well in your shop im sure they will. Enjoy your family break too x

  3. Gosh you are so talented, I can't believe you just whipped these up in your head!

  4. So many pretty flowers. Enjoy the holiday. I still have another month before school is finished. Best wishes, Tammy

  5. Your flowers are all beautiful! I love the stunning colors combinations! Gorgeous bag!
    Have a wonderful rest of week!
    Hugs from Portugal,
    Ana Love Craft

  6. You do such fun crochet items! I love your patterns! It helps that you are from my home town :) Always a Delhiite at heart!

  7. Love the bag! And love the flowers! I think the flowers would make a great embellishment for the bag!

  8. Lovely flowers !! Very pretty and colorful:) which yarn do you use?
    Summer break.... so late? My daughter is having it since April last week until June 1st week. I guess your kid's curriculum might not be CBSE . Is it IB or something?

    1. Thanks Preeti. The flowers were actually made using a mixture of all sorts of yarn from my stash. There are cotton as well as acrylic. My son's curriculum is CBSC but schools in Delhi close for summer only during the end of May and reopen by the beginning of July because here summer peaks during June. The old academic year ends by March and the new ones begin in April with just around a week break in between. The actual summer break is only in June. So the problem for us is whenever we go to south for the summer break, schools there would have reopened and my son has to spend the whole day at home without anyone to play with. He'll be waiting for the clock to show 4 o'clock when the neighbouring kids will be back from school.

  9. Lovely flowers!! you're an awesome designer.. Creating such beautiful things! And enjoy your break with your parents!!

  10. Lovely bag and beautiful flowers. What type of yarn did u use? From where did u order these? Nice colors. Can u let me know the link to buy the yarn?

    1. I don't buy yarns online. I buy them from wholesale shops here in Delhi. Most of the yarns are acrylic wool blend.

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