Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Variegated yarn scarf

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Three long weeks without internet! Can you imagine? Every time our internet connection is down, which seems to be happening fairly often, I feel as if I am living in an isolated island. I have no idea what is going on around me and what my blog friends are up to. If something goes wrong with the connection it takes days and days for the internet guys to set it right. I used to get frustrated initially but I think I am getting adapted to this kind of life without internet. I used the plenty of free time to create some new patterns.

One of them is this scarf that I made using the variegated yarn that I purchased in Manali last month. The pattern is very simple and those tiny pompoms in solid color makes it so very appealing. It's a pity I have to wait until next year to wear it. I have two more balls of the yarn left and am wondering what to do with them. May be I'll try working on a matching slouchy hat later. For now, the scarf pattern will be available in my online stores.

I'm eager to see what is happening in your part of the world but before that I want you all to see the gorgeous lillies from my balcony garden.

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Have a great day! 


  1. Hello Pradeepa, without internet but with gorgeous creation :) Your scarve is so beautiful! I love the yarn and the pompoms details! Wow, your lillies are amazing, love them!
    Have a fabulous week!
    Hugs from Portugal,
    Ana Love Craft

  2. The scarf is very pretty. I luv variegated threads. The pom poms are really striking.

  3. Three weeks is an awful long time without internet! Welcome back :) I love the scarf you've created, the pattern is gorgeous, as is the yarn!

  4. We have missed you ~ glad to see you are connected once again. The variegated scarf is GORGEOUS! I love the pom poms and how the colors are the same hue as your lilies.

  5. Oh how I know that feeling of not having Internet. Happens to me often as well. You feel disconnected. What did we all do before internet?
    Your scarf turned out lovely. Really love the pompoms in the solid color. They really add a good touch.
    Please come and share your scarf in my Link-Yourself Monday at http://erikascraftscorner.blogspot.com
    Wishing you a lovely day!

  6. your scarf is really cute. love the pompoms instead of a normal scarf fringe, and the pattern is really pretty x

  7. It's a pretty scarf !! I find working with variegated yarn very difficult, especially, choosing the stitch etc.
    Sometimes it is good for not having Internet up and running. We usually keep a data card and renew it whenever there is urgency and the broadband doesn't work.

  8. Ugh, it's awful not having internet access. We recently went through a batch of computer problems and I can agree with you that it feels like being stranded on a desert island. Glad you're able to keep busy. The new scarf is very pretty; I like the pom poms. Have a wonderful day :-)

  9. Hello Pardeepa! The scarf turned out great , I like those pompoms!
    ( I think this is amaryllis flower, not lilly, possibly they are relatives :))
    Have a wonderful day! It got hot in Chandigarh... around +40C in day time!

    1. Yes, they are Amaryllis, thanks for letting me know.

  10. Your scarf is gorgeous !!!!!!!!!!! Lovely colors with lovely pompoms !!!!!
    Have a nice day !!! With internet ;)

  11. Hola, es preciosa¡¡¡¡ y el color me gusta mucho. Son espectaculares los lirios de tu jardín.

  12. Gorgeous scarf my friend. It must be so frustrating yet freeing all at the same time to know you can not be connected.
    Hugs to you,

  13. Hi Pradeepa,
    Its so beautiful!! And the pom poms make it more cheery :-) Have you used Vardhaman yarn ? Scarves with variegated yarn look amazing.


  14. I like scarves and that's the only thing I can knit. And the Lily is amazing :)

    I wish I could have the luxury of no internet because otherwise I just end up wasting time on the internet.

  15. Beautiful scarf, so love the pompoms! Zana

  16. You are talented, the scarf is beautiful. I love your lilies, gorgeous flowers.. Enjoy your day!


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