Friday, December 14, 2012

Cinnamon buns and cute buns

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After a very long time I made cinnamon buns last night. I love baking breads and buns but after a few failed attempts I stopped baking breads all together. Also yeast is not easily available here. Even if one or two stores have them they are always very old stuff and the dough never raises properly. This time my husband bought yeast from a store which also has a bakery and the yeast was really good. I made some French bread the other day and it came out beautifully, but unfortunately I couldn't take any pictures.

I love cinnamon buns and have made them a couple of times before. This time I used the recipe from here. I made them in 2 batches, one in a round pan and another in a small square pan and the whole house was smelling divine. I made them late in the evening, so had to wait until morning to take pictuers. But by then only one roll was left from the round pan and the top of one in the square pan was pulled out by the impatient kid. I had to pull the pan away from him to save the rest for my photographs.   

Our cute buns have grown up a lot.
Meal time

Nap time.
They look so cute when they sleep. They always sleep together piled up one on top of the other.

Thank you so much for all the lovely comments you leave here, thanks for following me and thanks for stopping by.
Have a happy weekend! 


  1. Nice buns. The snaps are superb...

  2. Those bunnies are so adorable, you get cute blog award for the day.

  3. cut pics and love the way u shot with moneyplant leaves....

  4. I love cinnamon and love buns! yours turned out very nice:)
    that;s true about yeast availability..even i can't find here.
    have a nice day and your bunnies are so cute!


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