Sunday, July 15, 2012

Wonderful Weekend

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I had an amazing weekend!

I had intended to share with you all the crochet that I had done during my vacation, but got busy with my son's school projects. I took along with me plenty of yarns but except for this potholder I didn't do anything for myself. I made a couple of small flower-like doilies for my neighbour, but unfortunately I didn't photograph them. Then I made a couple of stool covers for my grandma and my mom, and a round table topper for my grandma. I will show them all in another post. This potholder is sort of incomplete. I forgot to make the loop.
 I worked out the pattern on my own, but forgot to write it down : (
 Do you see cupcakes above? 
Here are the scrumptious vanilla cupcakes...
  Looks yummy, eh? 
They tasted yummy too!

There was indeed an occasion to celebrate. My brother is back in India. He has moved back from UK and I am seeing him after almost 2 long years.

Besides plenty of other things see what bro got for me...
Cookie cutters in all imaginable shapes, and colorful too.

Silicone cupcake moulds. 
Have any of you used these silicone moulds? Won't they melt in the oven?

I guess I should run a google search and find out.

And Chocolates, PLENTY of them!

But when I opened a packet you know what I found?

 One gooey mess! The chocolates had all melted and clumped together.

But who cares?


  1. Loving your cupcakes and crochet! :)) Long time haven't heard from you. Hope all is well.

  2. Wundervoll Granny!^^

  3. Nice potholder !
    Love chocolate !
    Have a nice week.

  4. It is very pretty. The cupcakes looks so yummy. And the gifts from your bro... lovely.

  5. B E A U tiful potholder - gorgeous colours and very well made x

    I use my silicone cupcake moulds for setting chocolates in and for making a very british yorkshire pudding in (so I can have a low fat version of them). They won't melt in the oven and are superb in the microwave too!

    Nice to see you back from you hols x

  6. Cupcakes, crochet and chocolate...melted or not what a great combination of words that all begin with "C". :-)

  7. You are so lovely to make special things for those you love. Glad your brother is back near you, have a happy week.

  8. Silicone moulds are really useful and good for the environment (I probably just made that up) but I do find them tricky to clean. Also sometimes people try and throw them away so I find myself running around my office trying to keep track of them!!

  9. I use silicone moulds to make cupcakes and they turn out real nice :) Silicone does not melt in the over also. Just that since it gets heated up quite a bit... the temperature needs to be lowered a little else the bottom burns.

    PS: I need to crochet soon :) Inspired by the pot holder!

  10. Your brother knows you well. Sorry to hear the chocolates melted. I took some to a friend in Sri Lanka and she didn't open the package in front of me so I hope her chocolate wasn't all melted. Better to place such gifts in a carry on to be safe. It's hot as heck here so nothing much can last long in this heat. Your potholder is lovely. Have a great week. Tammy

  11. I absolutely love your potholder!! It is just gorgeous.. The chocolates look good even if they did melt!! LOL

  12. The potholder and possible wall decor are very pretty. The cupcakes look mouthwateringly divine. What a lovely gift from you brother. How kind, thoughtful...

  13. Your potholder is gorgeous! Love the colors and the pretty pattern. Looks like you have some great presents. And chocolate in any form - even melted - is still yummy in my book. Haha.

    Wishing you a happy day!

  14. Hola. Que agarradera tan bonita¡¡¡¡ y los pastelitos se ven deliciosos.

  15. Yummy looking cupcakes and lovely potholder! I would love to see the cookies you make with the cutters. So many cute shapes!!
    Have a nice day.

  16. Hello Pradeepa...I have an award for you on my blog..go check it out when you have a minute!
    Eileen :)


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