Friday, March 16, 2012

Can I call this a cheesecake?

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I have never tasted a cheesecake, but I always wanted to make one. Cheesecakes are not commonly available here but I have seen plenty of pictures of delicious cheesecakes and drooled enough. Yesterday was a perfect day for experimenting. The main ingredient for cheesecake which is cream cheese is also not available here but that was not going to stop me. I had made up my mind and I just went ahead with whatever I had at hand even though I didn't have ANY of the main ingredients. I didn't have cream cheese, I didn't have biscuits for the crumb base. I should say this is the craziest recipe I have ever tried.

Surprising it turned out GOOD! No, I wouldn't say it was heavenly, but it was good and the whole cake disappeared within an hour or two.

Sorry, I can't share the recipe with you as there was no proper recipe here. I will just say what I did. I took some paneer (I think it is an equivalent to cottage cheese). I added some yoghurt to it and blended well. Then I added one egg, few spoons of powdered sugar and flour. Mixed them all well and baked. Then I cooled it and poured strawberry flavoured jelly on top of it and allowed it to set in the refrigerator for an hour or so.

I am happy that my craziest receipe did not turn out to be a diaster. Does it mean that I am turning into a good baker?

After gulping down the "supposed to be cheesecake," me and my kiddo made a short trip to the park. This time of the year is the best in Delhi and we can find plenty of flowers everywhere. I hadn't been out a lot recently and yesterday we made this trip especially to get some flower photographs before the season ends.

Beautiful, aren't they?


  1. Yummmy post! I have never eaten and, moreover made, a cheesecake, but I would love to try to make it! And flowers are gorgeous! :)

  2. I have made plenty of cheesecakes and you did very well. When I first started reading I thought 'what about paneer?'. You are very clever and I am sure it was delicious.

  3. Call it : yummy !
    Have a nice week-end.

  4. Interesting! As long as it tastes good and is made of cheese, that's all that matters! I imagine if you used Paneer, it's much lighter than the typical cheesecake (which is usually quite thick and heavy), so tha tmight have bene a ncie delight. How did you get that pink in the jelly? Beets?

  5. Delicious, indeed! Even if you did not have the key ingredients, this still looks yummy!

  6. I think this definitely qaulifies for cheesecake. Good job Pradeepa, it looks so good!

  7. You sound like my girlfriend, Shereen, who is from India. She never ever follows a recipe. Just a pinch of this and a bit of that and lunch is served. And always very, very good. :) There's always a way to make due when you can't find what you need. Have a great week. Tammy

  8. yummy post can we make this without egg?????????????

  9. luking at your post i am saying cheeese:))).. luks really yummy Pradeepa:))),as usual ur photography is praise worthy:)).. congrats!


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