Friday, May 20, 2011

Crocheted Stool Cover

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A big hello and thank you to all the new followers and visitors and for all the sweet comments. We are on our way to visit our parents for vacation. I had wanted to post this before leaving home but because of internet problem I was not able to. So I was thinking that only after reaching my parents' place after the 25th of this month I would be able to post anything. But luckily we are halting at a friend's place for a day and they were kind enough to let me use their computer and here I am showing you my crocheted stool cover.

This is the stool, a very useful piece of furniture, but which always gets hidden away from guests' eyes. Now after receiving the colorful cover it serves as an emergency side table.

I got my inspiration for this from here, here, and many other sites. I wanted to make a rectangular cover and so I had to first figure out how to make a granny rectangle. I googled and got it from here. Then I saw Bunny Mummy's post on granny spike stitch here and decided to give it a try. The result was a beautiful multicolored stool cover.

Though I saw stool covers in many sites I did not come across one that showed me how to do a rectangular cover. I had to figure it out on my own, so I thought I would make a step by step tutorial on it so that it might be useful to those of you who might be wanting to make one but don't know how to go about it. So here we go...

How to crochet a rectangular stool cover

First I started by making 13 ch. Then in the 3rd chain from the hook make 2 dc. Ch 1. Skip next 2 ch and make 3 dc into next ch, skip 2 ch, 3 dc into next ch, skip 2 ch, 3 dc into next ch (you are going to work a corner here). Make 2 ch, 3 dc, 2 ch and dc in the same ch. Thus you have made 3 sets of dc into the same ch and formed a corner. 

Here you can see the corner made.

 Now make 2 ch and work 3 dc into the other side of the ch where you had made the previous set of 3 dc. Repeat two more times. After skipping 2 ch you are going to work  3 sets of dc with 2 ch in between each set to make a corner. Now you have worked the first round of the rectangle.  You can view the picture below to get a clear view of how it would look. You can click here for an elaborate tutorial on granny rectangle.

Here you can see that I have completed the first round and started the second round with a different color. For the second round attach a different colored yarn to a 2-ch space and make 3 ch to count a first dc. Make 2 more dc in the same space. Ch 2, 3 dc into next 2-ch space. Repeat until the end of the row. In the corner you are going to work 3 dc, 2 ch and 3 dc into each corner. Repeat this until the end of the round. Join and cut off the yarn.  

I have used brown for the altenate rounds and used granny spike stitch in alternate rounds where I have used different colors.

For the granny spike you are going to work the 2nd dc of each set of dc into the top of the stitch from the previous round. You can see the picture to see how it is worked. You can see that the first and the third dc are worked into the space while the 2nd one is worked into the top of the previous round's dc. You can click here for an elaborate tutorial on the spike stitch.

When you have reached the desired size of rectangle you might want your work to bend so that it fits snugly the stool. For this you will have to stop making 2 sets of dc into the corner and instead make only one, i.e., 3 dc into the corner stitch.

You can see your work is starting to bend.

Continue until you have reached the required height and join the yarn and cut off.

I hope my tutorial has been helpful. I am in a hurry to finish and so if there are any mistakes I will try to correct it later.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ethnic Crochet

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This is an old piece of embroidery given a makeover through crochet edging. I embroidered this peacock a few years back on a lazy day when I had nothing else to do. I made it on a small piece of cloth and decorated it with beads, mirrors and kundan stones, but then I didn't know what to do with it. You see, I made it when I was still not bitten by the crochet bug. So it ended up with other 'WIP-forever' items.

Only the other day I took it out and realized what a beautiful piece of work is getting wasted. But what to do with it? It is just a small piece of cloth. May be I could sew it on to something but, again, what? Then obviously crochet came to my mind. I decided to give it a crochet edging. Luckily I had a color to match with the embroidery.

After finishing everything I found that I was not able to hang it on the wall because it was not firm enough and slumped on the sides. So I used some old cloth for padding at the back and made it firm. Now the peacock stands proudly on the wall.

I am giving you the pattern for the edging. It was adapted from a crochet edging pattern from mypicot, which has some interesting free patterns.

Crochet Edging Pattern

It is a very simple one. You start by making 5 ch. Then 2 dc into last chain from loop (which will be the first chain that you made), ch 3, 3 dc into same chain. Now you have formed the first shell. Note that you will be working this pattern vertically, starting at the bottom and advancing towards the top. Next, make 5 ch, turn your work and make 3 dc, 3 ch and 3 dc all into the 3 ch space that you have. Now you have formed the second shell on top of the first one. Again, make 5 ch, turn your work and make 3 dc, 3 ch, 3 dc all into the 3 ch space of the previous shell. Continue working this way until you reach the required length and fasten off.

You can see here in this picture how the work advances from bottom to top.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Granny cushion cover

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The granny squares are done and joined together to form this beautiful throw pillow cover. Now this is my second pillow cover and I have got five more pillows to cover up and who knows, may be I will be buying more (pillows) or even making one or two. I want a round one so that I can make a round granny cover.

I crocheted only the front. For the back I used by husband's discarded white shirt.

You can click here to view my earlier post about the granny squares.

Have a nice weekend.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Crocheted monitor and keyboard cover

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The ripples that I started quite some time back is done and it has taken the avathar of a monitor and keyboard cover. 

Yes, it is the same ripple that you see in the header. You can click here to read my earlier post on the ripples and the pattern.

Making the monitor cover was quite easy. While clearing the shelves at home I found a cloth bag in red which fitted the monitor perfectly. So I just removed the handles from the bag and stitched the crocheted piece to one side of the bag. 

But making the keyboard cover was a real challenge to me. I didn't find anything readymade to fit the keyboard so I had to do the entire thing.  I made it in the envelope style.  Since I am not good in sewing I messed up a lot. Initially I thought I would crochet both front and back but then I didn't want to waste yarns for the back where it is not going to be visible. So I used a piece of red cloth for the back of the cover. Then I crocheted a flap and attached it to the back.  

The picture is not that clear. This is all I could manage as the lighting inside the room wasn't good enough.

Yeh! Finally one big mission accomplished.

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