Monday, May 2, 2011

Crocheted monitor and keyboard cover

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The ripples that I started quite some time back is done and it has taken the avathar of a monitor and keyboard cover. 

Yes, it is the same ripple that you see in the header. You can click here to read my earlier post on the ripples and the pattern.

Making the monitor cover was quite easy. While clearing the shelves at home I found a cloth bag in red which fitted the monitor perfectly. So I just removed the handles from the bag and stitched the crocheted piece to one side of the bag. 

But making the keyboard cover was a real challenge to me. I didn't find anything readymade to fit the keyboard so I had to do the entire thing.  I made it in the envelope style.  Since I am not good in sewing I messed up a lot. Initially I thought I would crochet both front and back but then I didn't want to waste yarns for the back where it is not going to be visible. So I used a piece of red cloth for the back of the cover. Then I crocheted a flap and attached it to the back.  

The picture is not that clear. This is all I could manage as the lighting inside the room wasn't good enough.

Yeh! Finally one big mission accomplished.


  1. Wow!!!
    Pretty colours. Nice creation.
    Wise idea.

  2. pretty colors..Can you let us know if you get static build up on the monitor..I think it is a great idea..just curious about static electricity.

  3. Thanks Viji and Vikki. No, there has been no static build up. As I said the cover is actually a cloth bag and I have sewn the crochet to the front of the cover. So there is lining inside and the yarn dosen't come in direct contact with the monitor. I hope that explains it.

  4. wow! so bright and Indian colours!great job! is the pattern from attic24?

  5. Thanks Ninu. Yes, the pattern is from attic24.

  6. Very nice and good idea.The combination of four colours is good

  7. This is very nice... and my favorite colors... my cover is on process


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