Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Clarification on granny ripple tutorial

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The tutorial on granny ripple is the most popular post in my blog so far and every day it is getting several hits and I am overwhelmed by the response that I got and still getting for this post.

I am sure a lot of you must have found it useful but also there are many of you who have doubts especially in finishing and starting a row. I think I didn't explain it well enough with photographs. So I am adding a few more photos to the tutorial to elaborate on these instructions. Hope they clarify your doubts now.

Also, if any of you have finished anything with the help of my tutorial I would be happy to hear about it. I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween. Click here to go to the updated granny ripple tutorial.


  1. After I finish the three blankets I am making I am going to make one of these. I love it.

  2. :) I hope I sit down and make it some day...

  3. Will check it out Pradeepa!!And love your new header image!!

  4. Love the colors... thank you for sharing...

  5. Hola. Está muy bien explicado el tutorial, paso a paso y con las fotografías.
    Un saludo.

  6. This looks fabulous.
    Am adding to my very long list of to dos.

  7. Pradeepa,
    love the colours , it´s so beautiful !

    Have a nice day



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