Monday, October 17, 2011

My cross stiches and answer to a few questions...

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Some of you had asked me how I repainted my old cabinet. So I made this post to explain to you what I did. An important thing to keep in mind before repainting an old wooden furniture is to NOT apply the new paint directly on top of the old paint. It won't adhere to it nicely.

The best thing to do is to strip the old paint. You can use a chemical paint remover. This will soften the paint and you can scrape it off. There is also a method called sanding.
(I didn't do the stripping part but instead I applied two coatings of primer)

After stripping the old paint, I applied white primer (have no idea what other colours are available). I gave two coatings of it. Allow at least 6 hours in between each coating.

Let the primer dry overnight. Then apply the paint.

I am not an expert in these things. I just told you what I did. You can google search for a detailed description of these procedures.

Remember the stack of cupcake cross stitch that I showed you in previous posts? It's finished and here it is...

These were done long time ago.

This one was done more recently but I didn't get it framed yet. This one was a kit from Anchor. I don't normally like kits. There is nothing challenging in it. This one was bought on an impulse.

That's it. Have a nice day.


  1. I love to do cross-stitch. I have been a bit crochet obsessed of late. Need to pull out my old projects. Nice work.

  2. thats a beautiful finish, if you are framing, good one to add beauty to kitchen wall!

  3. the cupcake and the verse is too cute for words.

  4. I´m so in love with your cabinet. You have done a wonderful job. And your cupcake cross stich is soo cute!
    Have a nice week! Barbina

  5. Beautiful work you've done... the cupcakes cross stitch are perfect...
    Have a funny week.

  6. <3 you are so talented <3

    *am a fan* :D

  7. hi pradeepa am logging in aft a very long time.. i see that thrs a lot of stuff waiting for me to relish in ur beautiful space.. i dont crochet . but luv them a lot.. i find ur creations very attractive.. congrats :)


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