Friday, September 23, 2011

Yellow flower doily

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Another week gone and nothing much accomplished. These past few days have been creeping slooowly for me. I have plenty of ideas, plenty enough to congest my little brain and give me sleepless nights, but nothing put into action. I hope this lethargy will lift off in a few days.

This doily was completed long back. Do you remember the little red doily? I used the same pattern and made 7 little doilies and joined them together. Then I gave an edging using a darker shade of yellow. 

 Last week me and Harsu went to explore a new park near his school. We had seen this park from outside but hadn't gone in. It had been a while since I had ridden my scooter and so we decided to take it and go visit this park.

He took his skates along and I took my camera.

I had hoped to see plenty of flowers there but I was only disappointed. This is a huge park but there were very few flowers. Even the one which is near our house has more flowers.

I was lucky enough to capture one or two before it started to get dark.

And here are some birds flying back home.

Weekend is here and I hope you all have a happy weekend.


  1. such a beautiful post Pradeepa...You manage such beautiful things with a kid, amazing :)

    I loved your work, it seems like a complex pattern...


  2. Oh yes..a very beautiful post! I love yellow things and your flower doily is just beautiful!I always wonder how much work this must be!?
    Wish you a lovely and creative weekend!

  3. The yellow is such a beautiful color! Great creative doily.

  4. Lovely doily. Sounds like you and your son had a great time at the park. Got to enjoy them while they are young. Enjoy Life.

  5. beautiful doily and pictures! Thanks for sharing!!

  6. Beautiful doily! I'm waiting for the weekend also. Sitting here at my desk about to fall asleep (I'm supposed to be working..shhh!)

  7. Lovely gold doily and beautiful pictures...
    Have a perfect weekend.

  8. Handarbeit & Foto`s sind wundervoll!
    GLG,*Manja* ;O)

  9. Amazing beautiful pictures and crochet ...


  10. Beautiful doily and wonderful pictures pradeepa....

  11. Beautiful pictures!!And the doily is very pretty!!

  12. El tapete me gusta mucho.A mi estas cosas me vuelven loca y las fotos son geniales.Saludos...

  13. Hola. Hermoso tapete¡¡¡¡ Que divertido ir con patines¡¡¡
    Un saludo.

  14. Love your doily. It brings a little bit of sunshine in your home. I enjoyed your pictures from the park so much! Thank you! Have a wonderful week! Barbina

  15. this shade of yellow is one of my favs! Beautiful.I love that your pictures have a dreamy effect about them :)

  16. This golden doily is so pretty!

    The skating looks's my favorite form of exercise...but I keep falling. ;-)

  17. nice doily..i love that mustardy yello!

  18. thank you for visiting my blog.
    but you have also beautiful pictures and fantastic needlework.
    greats from austria.

  19. Beautiful doily. Just found your blog through Tangled Happy showcasing the granny ripple which I shall be trying. Gorgeous photography. Liz :)


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