Thursday, August 18, 2011

Little blue doily

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Before talking about the doily a big Thanks for all the sweet comments you left for the rolled paper frame. I know most of you would like it because it is such a simple and cute way of displaying some of your precious little things.  I have made one more, a bigger one. I will show it to you later.

This is another of my vacation doilies. As I already said I usually take along my crochet threads and do doilies while on vacation and visiting relatives because threads don't take up much storage space and they are light weight too.

The reason why I did this particular doily is that I had only very small quantity of this blue thread, which I didn't want to waste. When I searched the net for a suitable pattern I came across the chart here. The pattern was very simple and it was small enough, so I picked this one up and ended up with a cute little doily. 

I am also working on another one now. I want to make this one big and it is going to take a much longer time because my table is right now piled up with plenty of WIPs. So I will go and pick one up. Have a nice day! 


  1. Hola. Un tapete precioso y un color encantador. El marco te ha quedado precioso y el cojín también. Un saludo.

  2. Wundervoll!
    LG aus Deutschland,*Manja*

  3. Nice doily!!I have not tried many doilies!!Just one or two!!

  4. Pretty doily - perfect under the vase of flowers. :)

  5. I like your doily. Sure wish I could understand diagrams. I can barely figure out written patterns half the time. :/ All of your colorful pillows look great and I love the idea of your newspaper frames.

    We were in Delhi last September; didn't realize there was a train museum. Will keep it in mind in case we ever head back there.

    Hope you are having a good day. Tammy

  6. I can't see a doily and passing by without making a comment... I simply love doilies... a lot of people make crochet but never doilies...they think is old-fashion...non-sense... is just beautiful...

  7. so pretty, especially the purple flowers =)

  8. Ninu, this is not crochet thread. I found this thread in the weekly market here. I don't know for what purpose they use it but there were many colours. I bought this long back. Now I don't find them anymore.

  9. So lovely doilies! Love the color.

    Cassy from Acoustic Guitar Lessons

  10. great find..keep on searching.. it looks quite nice

  11. its so beautiful Pradeepa. your photos are soo nice.

  12. Hi!
    Beautiful doily! Love the color. Have a great day!

    Food for Thought

  13. So pretty!!

    Thanks for sharing with us at Fibers on Friday!!

  14. I love your doily - have never tried crochet before. You have taken lovely pictures of it as well.
    I decided to pay a visit to this blog as well, also following this one as well.

  15. Pradeepa, Its beautiful but I dont know how to crochet, my sis and sis in law does it so great..


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