Thursday, July 14, 2011

Paper bag in a jifty

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I did this paper bag as a school project work for my son. He wanted me to make something out of waste. I had this brochure which was nice and thick. I liked the color. So I decided to make use of it. I was just holding it in my hand and thinking what to do with it. I was trying to fold it in different ways and suddenly this idea struck me.  So here is how I made the bag in simple steps.

This is the brochure that I had.

I folded it into half.

Then I folded one side

Then the other side on top of it.

This is how the bottom part looks.

I punched two holes at the top for the strings.

Like this

I selected coir ropes for the handles

I took the first three sheets together and inserted the rope through the holes and secured them by placing a knot as shown here.

Similarly the other side

Now one side of the bag was wide open.

So I used glue to close it shut

The bag is ready.

You can put some flowers into this cute bag and hang it on the wall.



  1. That's really nice.....very creative.

  2. nice idea!are those yellow flowers from ooty?

  3. Yes Ninu,those flowers are from Ooty.

  4. Very creative! It's interesting the things that motivate us to create! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Thanks for the nica comment on my blog :-)
    perhaps you will join my giveaway?
    Have a nice evening :-)


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