Sunday, July 10, 2011

Goodbye Stuart

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My parents' 11-year-old labrador, Stuart, is no more with us. My dad called up this morning to say that he left us last night. It was something which we expected because he had stopped eating altogether two months back. He just refused to take anything and sometimes my parents had to force feed him. My dad used to force open his mouth and pour a few spoonfuls of milk. It is a wonder how he survived this long. He used to love tomatoes and mangoes but he refused to have even those. He was such a gentle and loving fella. We are going to miss him a lot, especially my dad. Both were attached to each other so much. I am sure he will now rest in peace having lived a wonderful life with loving people around him.


  1. Very sorry to hear dear.
    Console your father.

  2. As you said let his soul rest in peace

  3. Thank you friends for your kind words.

  4. We gave him lot of love...he have us lot of joy in return. Sleep well, my lil' Stuart :'(


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