Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Back after a break with an interesting photo

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Wow, there are no words to descibe how happy I feel to be back on the blog. First of all a warm welcome to all my new followers and also a big Thank You for all the lovely comments. Had a lovely vacation. I visited so many places, met so many people, took so many photos and also made so many doilies. All together it was a lovely vacation but still I missed blogland a lot.

Lately I am having a lot of issues with intenet. I just can't understand why it hates me a lot when I love it so much. We didn't have internet connnection at home from the beginning of last month due to some fault in the cable and the problem has still not been addressed and I am using the data card of a friend's to post this.

It might be hard to believe but I had been completely out of touch with internet during my vacation too. My in-laws don't have a computer and my dad's laptop did not have internet. Actually there was internet until the day we reached my parents's place, but this time the laptop didn't like me (or rather my son who is a game addict) and "boom!" it crashed the very next day. So poor me was left without intenet for the rest of my stay at my parents' place. So here I am finally after a month-long hibernation. OK, I will stop my prattle here and come to the point.

I wanted to show you all this very interesting photograph that I took in a temple in south India, south Tamil Nadu to be precise. Have a look at this picture and you can see a white round in it.

See a close up shot of the round.

Even more closer

Isn't that spooky? Now I will make one thing clear. I don't believe in spirits, either good or bad. So thinking that this is a divine being or a ghost that materialized in front of my camera lens sounds silly to me. I have read that such rounds are orbs and that they are actually some form of energy which become visible sometimes through a camera lens but that is pretty hard for me to believe. I did some google search now and read that they are probably dust particles or small insects that get reflected and appear as white spots. If it is a small spot I can agree, but come on, such a huge dust particle? No I can't agree. So what is it? Can you see there are some lines seen around the edge?

This is giving me sleepless nights. You know, sometimes I even get spooked to go to the loo in the dark. I have to get it out of my mind. So I hope you will come forward with some findings to ease my mind and most importantly I hope they are scientific because I don't want to start believing that ghosts exists in this world (You know, I am a brave girl). Even though you say that this is a positive form of energy since it is seen inside the temple, it means that there are negative forms of energy as well which might be lurking in the dark corners on the way to the loo. Ohhhh! the thought gives me goosebumps.

Oh, I have forgotten to show you the picture that was taken immediately after that one. This picture does not have any round being and looks absolutely fine, so you can see that there was no problem with my lens.

Interesting na?

Hey, please don't think I put that round thing there. I have not yet become that tech savvy (Is the spelling right?) Only recently I have learnt to take fairly good pictures. So I promise that was not made by me. Anyway I hope someone will give me a believeable explanation for that round to be present there so that I can soon push it to the back of my mind.

One more thing, Josie of Handmade by Knottygal has considered me creative enough to pass on this award to me.

Thanks a lot Josie. This is my first. It seems that I will have to say a few things personally about myself. I have already said a lot in the "Who am I" page. There is not much to add to it. Anyway here are a few things.

I am a very positive person.

I am a very easy going person. I simply can't take my life seriously. I live for the present.

I love chocolates, I love it to the point that I would even gobble up my son's share (of course, without his knowledge).

Only recently I discovered my passion for photography.

I am not much of a fruit lover. I can eat any vegetable but not fruits. It is not the taste that I hate but all the work that has to be done before putting a piece into your mouth like peeling, deseeding, etc. You know, I am too lazy for that. But I like bananas. They are easy to peel.

I don't like movies. I watch very few movies, only those that I think would hold my interest.

I have been living in Delhi for the past 8 years but I can't speak hindi. Shame on me.

That is enough. I think I have to pass it on to others but sorry I am not going to do that. If you ask me, I would say I love all the blogs that I follow and I would have to pass it on to each and every one of them. I simply can't choose. So I am not doing that. I think it is okay.


  1. I really dont have a right answer for this.may be water drops on camera lens..cos in the first picture, lots of rounds can be seen! I really dont know, and I dont believe in these Ghosts thing and dont think abt this too much okay! congrats on award!

  2. Amazing... Be +ve. It can never be a ghost...

  3. It is not a ghost in the spirit sense, but what is called a "ghost image". It happens with digital memory cards, where an older image shows through a newer image. I wouldn't have known it could happen, but it just happened to my husband's camera!!! To me, it looks a LOT like the beginning of the square you featured in your other post- gray, with "lines" that would be the different rows:)

    It's a beautiful place indeed! India has some beautiful architecture!!

  4. Claire, thank you so much for the information. I knew there must be some technical explanation for it.

  5. Hi, firs I have to say I LOVE your blog! Just found it, and can't stop looking ;)

    Second: there actually IS a white round spot also in the second photo from the temple! Up in the middle, right above one of the lamps hangning from the roof...

  6. It looks like an outline of an owl in the very middle.


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