Friday, March 18, 2011

Ripples and a new look

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Yes, I have given a new look to my blog.  Anybody who has been following my blog regularly would know how many times I have changed my template and blog header. I had never been satisfied with the look of my blog. Finally I managed to create a new one and I am absolutely happy about it. So I don't think I will be changing it anytime sooner.

After entering the blogland, everyday I have been learning something new and my latest is learning to crochet ripples. After many undoing and redoing I have finally learnt to make ripples and have also started on a project. But I am not going to reveal what it is now.  I am just showing you a few pictures of it.

I am following the neat ripple pattern by attic24 for this.


  1. hey nice look! especially love the pictures..

  2. whats that yarn u using? brand name?

  3. Thanks Ninu, no brand name. There are wholesale shops here selling different kinds of yarns in different price range. The problem is, you have to buy them in large quantities.

  4. The new header is very fresh, spiffy and professional looking. The ripple looks especially effective in those colors.

  5. You have a lovely blog! I too love your header and colors you have used.

  6. Oh wow, a ripple blanket is on my to do list as well. Love the colors! Very summer-like, lovely. Thank you for your lovely comment on creJJtion, welcome to the give away!
    Have a great weekend,
    love Maaike

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