Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Pincushion - Tapestry crochet

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I had wanted to try tapestry crochet for a very long time but wasn't able to come up with a suitable project. I didn't want to try it on anything big like a cushion cover or a bag. I did make a case for my mobile phone sometime back but I wasn't pleased with the result. However, I lost the phone soon after that and there was no use for the cover.

Tapestry crochet was forgotten for some time until I suddenly realized that I didn't have a pincushion. So finally I got something to try my new technique on. After browsing through plenty of charts and patterns on pinterest I settled on a simple chevron pattern. 

Though the technique is not a difficult one I found it a bit cumbersome with the yarns getting tangled up. Anyway I am very pleased with the result.

This is how the pincushion looks at the back. Oh! I forgot to tell you, the blanket that you see in the photos is the one that I am working on currently. Hope I'll finish it soon. 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

I made a doily

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Usually when I travel I don't take my yarns along but instead I take my doily threads and smaller size crochet hooks with me because they occupy less space. I take a print out of one or two doily patterns and that is enough for me to keep myself in touch with crochet during a month long vacation.

The thread is from my stash which I have been having since God-knows-when. I got the pattern from but I don't have the direct link to the pattern. 

Did you notice the new watermark? I am thinking of making some slight changes to the blog like changing the header, fonts and such. I'll do it slowly, one at a time.

How is your week going? I am working on some patterns for the shop. I have so much to share with you. Do you remember the scrap yarn rug that I started about a year ago? Well, it's completed! I am waiting for an opportunity to photograph it. It's so hot here and it's driving me crazy. I just don't feel like doing anything. I tried to work on a baby blanket which was started and abandoned about a couple of months ago, but without much success. I will post photos of it someday. Until then, have fun and enjoy the rest of your week!     

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Ruffles blanket

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This adorable photo was sent by Laura Finer from Texas. Love this photo! The baby is such an angel and the photography is great but above all do you know what makes this very special to me? It's my pattern! Do you remember my ruffles baby blanket? I had designed it with just 3 soft colors. Laura has created a more vivid and brilliant version of the blanket. It looks gorgeous, don't you agree?

You can purchase the pattern from here, here or here.   
Thanks Laura, it was very thoughtful of you to share your beautiful work with me. I feel so elated to know that something that I designed had been of some use to someone somewhere far away from my part of the world. I wish more of my buyers were like Laura. So if any of you make something using my patterns, free or purchased, please do consider sharing it with me. I would love to see your work. I would love to see what all colours you have used, what variations/improvements you have made and how lovely it looks.

After a hectic week of helping with my kid's school projects I am now able to relax a bit. I am waiting to pick up my yarn and hook again and give the creative part of my brain some work which is already showing signs of rust.    

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Snippets from vacation

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Amongst the clouds...

At a village ...

A village cemetery...

My parents' garden ...

Have a happy weekend!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Coming home

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Glad to be back home! School has reopened but holiday projects are still pending and I am busy helping my son with his projects, so I'll be taking little more time to catch up. I am very interested to know what you had all been up to during my absence. I'll be back soon with something interesting to share with you.
Have a great day!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Another pair of boots before the break

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Yeh! We are leaving tomorrow morning! First we'll be visiting my in-laws, we'll stay there for a few days and then off to my parents' place. I'll stay there until the end of the vacation and we'll be back by the end of July. One whole month without blogging! I think I badly need this break, especially after being on a high productive mode churning out patterns after patterns for my Etsy shop. I still have one more, a baby blanket that is half done. I had planned to take it along but won't since it will take up lot of space. I'll complete it when I'm back. However, I'm taking along with me a few threads and some doily patterns. I hope to make some doilies or a table topper for my round coffee table. You know, it's okay to stay away from blogging but staying away from crochet for one whole month is impossible, at least for me. 

Bye! I'll be back after a month.   

Thursday, May 15, 2014

A bag and some flowers

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Here are some patterns that I created during my internet-free days. I still have more. I want to finish them and make them all available in my shop before I take another break. Yes, a long break! My kid's summer break starts from next week and we will be going to visit our parents by the end of this month. One whole month we'll be spending with them. I want to get as much work done as possible before leaving.
The flower pattern includes 7 flowers and 2 leaves. The patterns for the flowers and the bag are available in my Etsy shop.

Have fun and enjoy your day!
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